We Wait in Hope

Psalm 33

Posted by Aaron Baddeley
on December 9, 2018
We Wait in Hope
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Psalm 33 gives us an exhortation, and an occasion to praise Him and wait in hope.

  1. (Psalm 33:1-3) An exhortation to praise
  2. (Psalm 33:4-19) The occasion for praise
    1. (4a, 6-9) The Word of YHWH is upright
    2. (4b, 10-12) YHWH is faithful in His works
    3. (5a, 13-15) YHWH is just in His judgments
    4. (5b, 16-19) The lovingkindness of YHWH ensures deliverance
  3. (Psalm 33:20-22) We wait in hope

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