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Wisdom for Tsunamis

Are you a free-spirited person? If so, read on. When I was in high school and college, at anytime in the day any one of my friends could shout, “Hey, let’s go!” and I’d be willing to drop what I was doing to be part of that adventure. It would become my priority, my newest mandate. We would even establish a mantra. “Taco Bell or Die!!” There were consequences. There were some things I missed like appointments and assignments I forgot about. Even now, as I type, I am wondering if I am forgetting something I am supposed to be doing on this Tuesday morning at 11:32. 

But those lost and forgotten things became the next mission for me. When those wolvish deadlines were breathing down my neck or someone was mad at me, that was when I found the impulse to get the job done. Fixing the broken things would then become my next source of excitement. Such is the life of a tsunami. My first job was to destroy my future by forgetting class assignments, and hopefully for some worthy cause like running through a graveyard at midnight. Yay! The second was to rebuild the washed-out city of my high school education by asking the teacher if there was anything I could do for extra credit. I loved projects! Yay!

Many a high-achiever/compulsive student and/or responsible parent is cringing as they read this. Some may have already quit reading. That’s OK. God has other wisdom for them, I say with a smile. Some of you may read on, just wondering if there is hope for the impulsive people in your lives who drive you to twitching.

How does one draw to a close her years as a tsunami and become a wave one can ride? It depends upon her relationship with the Spirit of God. The impulsive person who is not led by the Holy Spirit can be reckless. Alternately, with the Holy Spirit’s wind at her back the climb to courage is easier. Take for example the question, “What’s the worst that could happen?” When acted on without knowledge or regard for others the impulsive person can really harm someone. The same question in cahoots with the Spirit of God can take someone by faith into very useful kingdom places where those who over analyze can never go. Stinginess with impulsivity takes without warning. But there is great opportunity of usefulness for generous people when the giving-impulse strikes. A hardworking impulsive person gets jobs done. A kind-hearted impulsive person doesn’t have time to think of self. And the one with the gift of helps, helps right away. 

So the wisdom for the impulsive person is this, as always, to fear God. In that fear you hide in His Son and that is where the Spirit lives. Run impulsively, fearlessly, recklessly into Him and you will be made into a wave so superbly radical that you will find yourself carrying others along with you into great usefulness.