The Master's Fellowship - Inland Northwest

What We're All About

The Master’s Fellowship is an association of pastors and missionaries bound together by love for the Living Word, The Master, our Lord Jesus, the Church for which He died, and the bold proclamation of the exposited written word. The Fellowship’s purpose is to support the mission and leadership of the local church by connecting and networking like-minded pastors and missionaries who share core biblical convictions of doctrine and praxis.

The Master’s Fellowship is connected with the Master’s University and Seminary (TMUS) and is sponsoring various regional fellowship groups of pastors as described above across the nation.

TMF-Inland Northwest is not just for alumni of TMUS but is designed to support and encourage like-minded pastors in our region.

Dan Jarms and Faith Bible Church in Spokane, WA are leaders for TMF-Inland Northwest and will organize in person fellowship meetings regularly (frequency ranging from monthly to quarterly). A particular emphasis of TMF-Inland Northwest will be to provide regular opportunities for pastors’ wives to fellowship with each other.

Who is TMF-Inland Northwest for?

Any pastor, pastor-in-training, elder, etc. and their wives from the Inland Northwest that can subscribe to the TMF Member Doctrinal Statement.


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