A Pro-Life Perspective on Reopening the Economy and our Churches

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Sometimes ‘the missing everyone feeling’ overtakes us during our worship service streaming. We can’t sing through the tears when we see the recordings of the church singing together. We know everyone is joyfully making the best of it. But, we long for the gathering of the saints. It’s a part of the fabric of New Testament Christianity.

Add to this, the economic suffering. So many are out of work. When it feels like the cure is worse than the disease shouldn’t we make our voices heard to the government? Should we even disobey the government and meet and work anyway? To cloudy the waters even more, so many opposing ‘expert’ opinions are being thrown around on social media that it is difficult to even agree on what information we should look for and trust. `

I want to offer a pro-life perspective to reopening our economy and our churches. Christians are called to value life for all including the elderly and vulnerable. I want to lay out a series of factors that help us think through how hard to push the government to re-open and when we should meet...

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