An Overview of Deconstruction

An Overview of Deconstruction
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In this message we ‘deconstruct’ deconstruction. Deconstruction is a practice being promoted in some progressively Christian circles today. Believers are being encouraged to doubt what they’ve been taught, in order to organize a ‘faith of their own’ on ‘their faith journey’ so that they can more deeply enjoy and experience God ‘the way they perceive him.’ In reality, this pans to show that ‘doubt’ was never ‘doubt’; it was ‘dislike.’ But the Bible never promotes doubt. Christ never applauded anyone who doubted him or his word. He lovingly warned and rebuked and disciplined them. For good reason! Doubt leads to disbelief if left alone. Disbelief leads to abandonment of God. This message talks about the dangers of ‘deconstruction’; and next week’s will show us the sort of ‘doubt’ Christ willingly helps us through – the doubt that says, “I believe; help my unbelief.”

Sermon Outline:

  • A definition of deconstruction
  • Trademarks of deconstruction
  • Why people deconstruct
  • The dangers of deconstruction
  • How to respond to deconstruction

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