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Centering Your Existence Around Loving God

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In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, you will see three sequential imperatives that you must obey so that you will center your whole existence around loving Yahweh.

Sermon Notes

I. Bask in Your Exclusive Relationship With Yahweh (4)

    A. Bask in the Entity of the relationship

    B. Bask in the intimacy of the relationship

    C. Bask in the Exclusivity of the relationship

    II. Love Yahweh With Everything (5)

      A. With all your affections and decisions

      B. With all your existence

      C. With all your energy

      III. Emboss Yahweh’s Commands Everywhere (6-9)

        A. Emboss His Commands on Your Instruction

        B. Emboss His Commands on Your Conversation

        C. Emboss His Commands on Your Meditation

        D. Emboss His Commands on Your Administration

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