Chilling Down Your Worries

Philippians 4:4-9

Chilling Down Your Worries
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Main Idea: Four steps to find and maintain peace amidst the troubles and conflicts of life

  1. Set yourself up for worry free living
    • Rejoice in the Lord
    • Determine to be reasonable/gentle
  2. Replace sinful worry with thankful prayer
    • Prayer: Interceding for others
    • Supplication: Praying for urgent needs
    • Requests: Specific requests not mere generalities
  3. Take charge of your thinking
    • True: Setting the realities about all things into proper relationship to the gospel and Christ’s Lordship.
    • Honorable: what is noble, what elevates the mind from the cheap, tawdry or vulgar
    • Just: all kinds of righteous thinking and behavior according to God’s character and commands
    • Pure: Sexual purity, proper motives, blameless actions
    • Lovely: That which is genuinely beautiful that gives pleasure.
    • Commendable: Speech, actions, or people that are admirable.
    • Excellence: All things virtuous (See Titus 1 and 2 for example)
    • Praiseworthy: People who set an example of virtue
  4. Practice what you have learned and seen in others

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