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Crosswalk: Local Outreach Focus For Youth Ministry

Pictured above is the core outreach team of students who regularly serve at Crosswalk. Pictured, left to right: Noah, Chris, Gage, Rylee, Aislin. Not pictured: Caleb

Here is how Daniel Atha, who leads this outreach along with his wife Nicki, describes Crosswalk:

Crosswalk is an emergency shelter and a school drop-out prevention program, which aims to break the cycle of youth homelessness. Faith Bible Church high school students serve lunch to the homeless teens two times a month. This outreach serves our Lord in so many ways as we strive to imitate Christ and bring Glory to His name. The teens do this by declaring God’s glory (Psalm 96:3) and serving others (Galatians 5:13).

We have seen our students build relationships with teens that they would not typically come across in their everyday lives. There have been so many great conversations and students seeking to allow God’s Word to guide them in their interactions.

Six students, (five of them are pictured above,) have formed a core outreach team. Joe Grewe is also partnering with them and we are seeking a few adult growth groups that might want to partner by supplying food for the outreach on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

We are seeking a few adult growth groups that might want to partner by supplying food for the outreach.

This outreach is something that the students themselves have decided to pursue and own because they want to share Christ with Spokane. We encourage you to follow their example and think of ways to reach out together with others from FBC so that we can make Christ known in Spokane!

Quotes From The Team

Aislin Gamon

Crosswalk is an opportunity for exposure. Exposure to the meaning of missions as well as the value of Christ-like love. We the team of Crosswalk have experienced and listened to many stories depicting the devastating memories these kids carry with them. In every single conversation we see the brokenness and the need for a compassionate Savior. And we desire to be the hands and feet of God as we bring the essence of his heart into these kids lives. We love what we do and we have grown so much spiritually… Thank you for your support as well as your prayers in God’s will for our ministry.

Rylee Atha

Along with the opportunity to serve meals to homeless teens, Crosswalk also provides an opportunity to build relationships and to share Christ’s love. In the past year, we have seen these teens transition from being standoffish to being excited to see us when we come in! As result of building relationships with many of these teens, we have heard and seen the hardships and brokenness of their lives. This has led to many conversations and Gospel opportunities. As a team, Crosswalk has grown us immensely. Crosswalk has humbled us as we realize how blessed we are as well as pushed us out of our comfort zones.