Crying Out for Deliverance

Psalm 119:121-128

Crying Out for Deliverance
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Sermon Notes 

Central message (main idea) of the poem.     

Our cry for deliverance, an expected human response, must be established upon a life style of obedient submission and loyalty to God.

Principles taught by the poem (main teaching points).

  1. As you walk justly before God cry out for deliverance from arrogant oppressors. (121-123)

              Micah 6:8       

              What indicators in your life will demonstrate this week that you are walking justly before God?

          2. As you walk humbly before God cry out for understanding of God’s perspective. (124-125)

              1 Peter 2:22-23

              What will your response to oppressive like situations this week indicate about your submission to Christ?

          3. As you walk loyally before God cry out for action against law breaking arrogant oppressors. (126-128)

              What will you do this week to show your love for God’s way and your rejection of every false way?

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