Seek the Living God with Passionate Prayer

Psalm 119:145-152

Posted by Dustin Greenup on August 26, 2018
Seek the Living God with Passionate Prayer
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Because of God is saving, hope-giving, trustworthy, loving, just, near, and eternal, we should cry out to Him in passionate prayer!

Sermon Notes

Main Point: Cry out to the Lord in passionate prayer because of the majesty of who God is. 

1. God is the God who Saves: Call Out to Him (v.145-146)

2. God’s Word and Promise Give Eternal Hope: Seek Him Day and Night (v.147-148)

3. God’s love is loyal and justice life-giving: appeal to Him for life (v. 149) 

4. God is near and eternal: recount and remember Him though evil and persecution surround (v.150-152)

Dustin Greenup

Dustin and his wife Heidi have five children. Dustin serves as a pastor at Indian Trail Church.

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