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Faithful ? Priests

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Main Idea: Malachi exhorts the priests to be faithful by showing them the gravity of unfaithfulness and the glory of the priesthood. The passage also points to the grace of the Faithful Priest.

  1. Call to Faithfulness (2:1, 1:6–8)

  2. Gravity of Unfaithfulness (2:2–3)

  3. Glory of the Role of Priest (2:4–7)

  4. Gravity of Unfaithfulness (2:8–9)

  5. Grace of the Faithful Priest
    • Malachi 3:1–4

    • Hebrews 8–10


  • Trust in the one Faithful Priest who has made the once-for-all sacrifice
  • Pursue being a faithful priest (1 Peter 2:4–10) by offering spiritual sacrifices that are pleasing to God
  • Repent of any ways you are not honoring God and serving Him with your whole heart

Application to your life

  • What areas of your life and your worship of God are lacking faithfulness?
  • How can you pursue greater faithfulness in your priestly ministry? Consider 1 Timothy 4:16 and how you can pay close attention to your life and your teaching.

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