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Faithful Steward

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Main Idea: Christian, you are a temporary manager of God’s eternal investments.


  • Everything we have in this life belongs ultimately to God, and we are stewards of what he has given us.
  • The blessings we receive as stewards of what God has given us are promised to us in our future eternity with God.

Outline: Temporary managers of God’s eternal investments must be…

  • Wisely creative with God’s eternal investments (v. 1-8)
  • Strategically generous with God’s eternal investments (v. 9)

Implication Questions (v. 10-13)

  • What can you thank God for as evidences of his generosity toward you?
  • Reflect on how you view your earthly wealth. Do your spending habits and priorities reveal that you understand these things are God’s and not your own?
  • Are there inconsistencies between how faithful you are with stewarding the ‘little things’ in your life and how you steward the ‘larger things’ in your life?
  • What excites you about the truths concerning eternity we see in this passage?
  • How can thoughts of eternal rewards influence how you see your earthly wealth as a tool for the Gospel?

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