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Jesus Forgives Sins

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Jesus shows us in Luke 5:17-26 that He—as God—has the power to forgive sins.

Sermon Notes

Main idea: Be certain that Jesus forgives sins!

1. Become convinced that Jesus forgives sins (Luke 5:17-19)

  • Go to Him regarding your own sins
  • Bring your friends before Jesus

2. Understand the problem of sin (Luke 5:20-21)

3. Believe that Jesus forgives sins (Luke 5:22-26)


  • Faith in Jesus: Go to Jesus to deal with your sins—trust that Jesus can deal with
    all sin—he can forgive your sins and he can change you.
    • For what specific sins do you need to go to Jesus?
  • Be on Mission with Jesus: Take your friends to Jesus (believers and unbelievers)!
    • Who can you take before Jesus from within our church family and outside the church family?

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