25 Years of Faith: Looking Back


  1. Authority and Centrality of the Word of God In children, youth, college and adult ministries we have been guided by the belief that our people can and need to hear teaching and study through books of the Bible.

  2. Family and Children’s ministry Focused on equipping men and teaching God’s Word, many Elders learned to Shepherd through Children’s ministry. We wrote Family Bible Classroom for 15 years, a curriculum which was the impetus for Generations of Grace—Grace Community Church’s curriculum which we now use in our classes.

  3. Growth Groups mindset Originally called “flock groups,” we currently  have around 45 groups between youth, college and adult groups. Our Growth Group Curriculum is also used by other churches in many states and in the Dominican Republic.

  4. Strong Elder Leadership Our elders have a high level of theological knowledge, shepherding skill and Godly character enabling them to effectively Shepherd Christ’s Flock.

  5. Training Men for Ministry We have trained and/or sent over 35 men, through programs such as Men of God, Aspiring Men and will continue to now through The Master’s Seminary, Spokane.

  6. Missions The Body of FBC has a high level of ownership in missionary work, demonstrated by its support financially, through prayer, practical help, and short term teams. We have sent missionaries and/or short term teams to Venezuela, Spain, Peru, Nepal, South Asia, France, Dominican Republic and many more.

  7. Strategic Bible institutes Over 150 men in 12 years were trained through six Strategic Bible Institutes in various locations across Russia.

  8. Regional Impact FBC has a history of helping train and serve regional churches and our local community through events and ongoing efforts like Aspire Northwest Leadership Conference, marriage, parenting, women’s and counseling conferences, biblical counseling training, refugee ministries, and many more.

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Pick up a copy of the 25th Anniversary Booklet Looking Back at FBC during our 25th Anniversary Celebration in September for more photos and history!

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