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Malachi: Pure Worship


Posted by Nathan Thiry on October 17, 2021
Malachi: Pure Worship
  • Introduction
  • Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament and is part of the group of books called Minor Prophets, not because of their importance but because of their size. The message is directed to Israel after the return from the exile. They were struggling with having a low view of God which resulted in corrupt worship. The teaching of the priests was corrupt, and the lives of the people were not faithful. Malachi gives a strong message calling for repentance and true teaching that leads to a right view of God and pure worship.

    Here is the outline of what we will be studying in the growth guide, hearing in the sermons on Sunday, and discussing in our growth groups. We encourage you to use this growth guide for your personal study and preparation for the sermons, even if you are in a discipling group that is not using the growth guide as its focus.

    ● The story of Israel & the covenants

    ● Intro to Malachi plus & 1:1-5 The Lord loves Israel and judges Edom – God elects His people

    ● 1:6-14 The Lord rebukes the polluted offerings of the priests

    ● 2:1-9 The Lord rebukes the corrupt teachings of the priests

    ● 2:10-16 The Lord rebukes Judah for her unfaithfulness and divorce

    ● 2:17-3:5 The Messenger of the Lord will be sent to purify God’s people

    ● 3:6-12 The Lord calls for repentance and promises reward for those who repent

    ● 3:13-4:6 The day of the Lord is coming


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