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The New Garden of Eden

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Sermon Notes

Main idea: Thirst and hunger for God in this cursed world and you will be satisfied.

     In part now

     In exceeding fulness in the New Eden

  1. Labor for God’s glory not your own
    Isaiah 60:11,13
  2. Drink from God and the Lamb for spiritual life
    John 4:11, 14, 7:38
  3. Depend on God and the Lamb for physical life
    Matthew 6:33
  4. Seek the rule of God and the lamb in your heart and world
  5. Worship God and the Lamb as joyful slaves


  • What in your life reminds you that you are still in the cursed world? 
  • In what ways are you still working for, thirsting for, or hungering for things that cannot satisfy? Who can you get help from if you are stuck?
  • Where do you need to make a priority change so that you can get your hunger and thirst for God satisfied?

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