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Psalm 119 Summer Growth Guide Vol. 1

Psalm 119:1-24

Posted by Aaron Baddeley & Jerod Gilcher & Josh Stebbins & Josh Sturm & Other on June 17, 2018
Psalm 119 Summer Growth Guide Vol. 1

What makes Psalm 119 so significant is not just that it is the longest chapter of the Bible, but that the longest chapter in the Bible is about the Bible. Psalm 119 is a 176-line poem about Scripture. And not just a poem, but a very intricate and artistically crafted poem in the form of an acrostic, divided up into 22 stanzas for each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, each stanza having eight verses. The eight verses of each stanza begin with the same Hebrew letter. 

Clearly, the commands and words of God are central to the Psalmist. This study will seek to demonstrate why and how God's word is the centerpiece of human understanding and experience. 

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Aaron Baddeley

Aaron Baddeley is a pastoral intern at Indian Trail Church in North Spokane. He loves theology and memes.

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Jerod Gilcher

Jerod is the former College Pastor at Faith Bible Church. He is now the senior pastor at Christ Community Bible Church in Arlington, Texas. He and his wife Sarah have three daughters and he enjoys learning languages, particularly ancient languages. 

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Josh Stebbins

Josh is a student at TMS Spokane. He grew up here at Faith Bible Church. He and his wife love to study the Bible together and are passionate about a life of ministry after seminary.

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Josh Sturm

Josh is a graduate of The Master's Seminary Spokane. He and his wife Nicole enjoy reading novels together and spending time outdoors.

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