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Safe Marriage

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What are the God-given responsibilities of believers and church leadership when marriages become difficult or even hostile?

Sermon Notes


Big Idea: Two God-given responsibilities of church leadership (and the flock they lead) when marriages go bad!

Respond to Abuse Properly

  • How should we define abuse?
  • Individuals should put themselves under the care and counsel of godly shepherds
  • Church leadership must understand and respond properly to abuse
    • Scripture requires God’s people to protect the innocent sufferer, and to seek justice toward the oppressor (Psa. 82:3-4; Psa. 10)
    • God-given authorities exist to bring justice where it is needed (Rom. 13:1-4)
    • Discernment must be used to measure and apply principles of repentance, confession, forgiveness, and accountability
  • Victims must understand and respond properly to abuse
    • To not “cry out” ignores God’s desire for justice, and neglects God’s provision and protection for you and others
    • The abused must overcome fear, and entrust themselves to God and those called to protect and care for them

Understand Biblical Divorce Provisions

See the Elder Document on Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Keywords: Domestic violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse sexual abuse, sexual harassment, rape

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