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The Happily Ever After of Cosmic Proportions

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Proposition: three features of the God-King Jesus Christ that prove Him to be everything you could ever need, want or enjoy forever.

The Prologue of 9:1-5: it’s always darkest just before the dawn

1st feature of the God-King: His unprecedented arrival (v. 6a)

2nd feature of the God-King: His unrivaled identity (v. 6b)

The names of the God-King

  • Wonderful Counselor:
  • Mighty God:
  • Eternal Father:

Prince of Peace

3rd feature of the God-King: His unconquerable kingdom (v. 7)

  • The impact of His kingdom: dominion and peace
  • The legacy of His kingdom: the throne of David
  • The manner of His kingdom: justice and righteousness
  • The duration of His kingdom: for all eternity
  • The guarantee of His kingdom: the zeal of YHWH

Epilogue: And they lived happily ever after…forever and ever

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