The Lord Has Done It!

Psalm 22

The Lord Has Done It!
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Sermon notes:

Big Idea: God saves His King and by extension His people

1. The King is Abandoned by His God v.1-2

  • The Kings Certainty in God’s Saving power is Contrasted with His Circumstance (Ps. 20 and 21; 22:3-5, 9,10.)
    • He Knows that God is worthy to be trusted—He has saved Israel in the past
    • He knows that God is the one who has caused him to trust—God cannot deny himself
  • The King is Surrounded by His Enemies 22:6-8,12-18.
    • Physically Tortured
    • Publicly Shamed and Mocked
    • Put there By God—but in God He still trusts v.19-21

2. The King is Suddenly and Unexpectedly Delivered v. 21 and Ps.23

  • He has answered me v. 21
  • Ps. 23 He has restored my soul = life
  • Ps. 23 He has walked through Death with me

3. The King is Exalted in the Midst of His People v. 22-31

  • The King is Surrounded now by a rejoicing congregation v. 22-26
    • The offspring of Israel—those who fear the LORD
    • Praising God, Glorifying God, Standing at Awe for the King’s Salvation
    • The Afflicted have Reason to Hope—As it goes for the King so it goes with His people
  • The King (Jesus) Surrounded by a people from All Nations v. 27-31
    • The Deliverance of the King will bring a people from all nations
    • The People (offspring) of God will Praise, Worship, and Proclaim in Response to the King’s Salvation
    • The LORD has Done It! – Our Certainty is in the King’s Salvation!

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