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The Parable of the Preposterous Samaritan

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The rejection of Christ by Israel is ramping up (and thus, so is God’s condemnation of Israel).

This is a parable to learn from, not an example to follow! And the lesson is “what shall I do to inherit eternal life” (10:25).

Big Idea: Two qualities of the “wise and understanding” that expose their lost condition

1. They misunderstand what is required to inherit eternal life (10:25-28)

2. They justify themselves by embracing their misunderstanding (10:29-37)

What does it mean to “go and do the same” (10:37)?
Because Jesus says this is what you must do to inherit eternal life.

  • What is your view of God?
  • What is your view of God’s holiness?
  • What is your view of the Law’s requirement of love?
  • What is your view of loving your neighbor (enemy!)?
  • What is your view of spiritual inability?
  • What is your view of Jesus and His mission?

What did this man do?

  • Rebellious? “I won’t …”
  • Indifferent? “I’m fine …”
  • Humbled? “I can’t …”

What will you do?

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