The Polarizing Power of Jesus’ Birth

Matthew 2:1–13

The Polarizing Power of Jesus’ Birth
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The storyline of the Bible: Luke 24:45, Acts 17:2

God’s glory in salvation: God’s saving power on display through weakness

Main Idea: Consider how the wicked and the righteous talk about the LORD and how God will judge them so that you will choose the fear of the Lord. Behold the polarizing King who was born to deliver and gladly receive his rule in every area of your life.

  1. Jesus’ coming polarizes
    • Psalm 2:1-2
    • Echoes God’s rejected one
  2. Jesus’ rejection delivers
    • Echoes of God’s resurrected one


  • You sit on a throne of lies
  • Bow down to the one whose rejection is now victory
  • Don’t shrink back from the polarizing message
  • Watch God work through your weakness

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