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The Sovereign, Covenantal Love of God

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  • Introduction
    • Many of the expectations of the Israelites were for good reason
      • Ezekiel 34:26-27
      • Zechariah 8:7-8
    • But God’s responses are also predictable in another way
      • Nehemiah 9:16-17


Main Idea: By listening to God’s description and response to the entitled and unappreciative worship of the Israelites, we will learn two appropriate responses to the sovereign covenantal love of God.

  1. Don’t let earthly loyalty outshine your devotion to God (1:6–9)
  2. Passionately pursue genuine worship of God (1:10–14)
    • Be devoted: no worship is better than half-hearted worship (1:10)
    • Be humble: God doesn’t need your worship (1:11)
    • Be God-centered: criticizing public worship is despicable (1:12–13)
    • Be sacrificial: God deserves your very best (1:13–14)

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