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What is Biblical Stewardship?

It is often helpful to express something we already know in a new and interesting way in the hope that it may challenge our hearts and minds anew. This article by does a great job of defining biblical stewardship and reminding us of why it is important to consider the biblical implications of stewardship.

It is our hope that this read will challenge your thinking, encourage your heart and move you to greater obedience to God in the area of stewardship.

— Jess Colvin on behalf of the Finance Team of Faith Bible Church

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Here are some questions to help you apply the principles of biblical stewardship in your life:

  • In what area of my life does God not have total ownership? (I'm holding onto control.)
  • In what area of my life am I not living according to how God has directed me to live?
  • In what ares of my life am I in need of more accountability?
  • Whom can I ask to help me improve my Spiritual Stewardship?

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