Aspiring Men

Aspiring Men

Dear prospective Aspiring Man, If you’re reading this page, at the very least it means that something is going on in your soul. And that “something” could be a growing passion to pursue full-time, vocational ministry in the local church. 

Maybe you want to preach, maybe the mission field makes the mouth of your soul water—whatever it is, you’re holding this book because the risen and glorified Christ is doing something in your soul. To be sure, as men thinking about ministry, we struggle with impure motives, don’t we? We wrestle with our ambitions to lead and preach and we wonder if this growing desire and ambition is a good thing. Certainly our motives can be mixed and contaminated, but the apostle Paul tells us that you can’t pursue ministry unless you have these desires and ambitions!

You see, Aspiring Men takes its name from 1 Timothy 3:1 where Paul unpacks for Timothy who and what an elder/pastor is to be and do. In that verse he says this: “It is a trustworthy statement: if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do.” 

Did you catch that? “Aspires” and “desires.” Isn’t that what you have even as we speak—aspirations and desires to serve Christ in ministry. Sure, you might have some mixed motives, but those desires and aspirations are a good thing—even required. The term “aspire” here (ὀρέγεται) literally means “to stretch out after”. It has the idea of something being stretched to its limits. The term “desires” (ἐπιθυμεῖ) is a strong internal passion (sometimes translated as “lust” in other contexts). Bottom line, there is a good and right and healthy ambition for ministry that cannot be contained or denied. It is this internal, passionate desire that is the starting place in determining if a man is called to pastoral ministry—if you are called. 

And so, what is Aspiring Men exactly? I encourage you to read through this document to find out. But before you do, I leave you with one thought to ponder: ministry is war and it might cost you everything. You have been warned... but don’t forget the joy.

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