Hospitality to the Saints

Romans 12:1-13

Hospitality to the Saints
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Three aspects of hospitality that put God's generosity on display.

Sermon Notes



  • Hospitality reflects the generous character of God the creator (Acts 14:17).
  • Hospitality reflects the realities of redemption (Romans 15:7).
  • Hospitality anticipates the banquet of heaven (Luke 13:29).


1. The importance of hospitality in the life of the church

  • Psalm 19:1
  • Psalm 136:1-9
  • Isaiah 6:3


2. Three ways hospitality displays God’s love in the church

  • Welcome and encourage
  • Invest spiritually
  • Learn and grow


3. What hospitality is and isn’t

  • What hospitality isn’t
  • What hospitality is


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