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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

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Main Idea: God is a good and holy father who loves to answer prayers for protection and deliverance from sin and evil.

  1. Lead us not into temptation
    • Does God really lead us into temptation?
      “Don’t carry me into…”
      • Circumstances in which I am too weak to obey
      • Sinful responses to the world, the flesh and devil
      • Temptations from calamities
    • Watch and Pray
  2. Deliver us from evil
    • God as refuge and deliverer
    • The Holy Spirit as God’s answer
      • His indwelling presence and power
      • The Word of God
      • The Family of God—the local church

What temptations are you most susceptible to?

Where will you place a reminder to ask God to help deliver you out of them?

How will you prayerfully use the resources he has already given?

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