Forgive Us Our Debts

Matthew 6:9-15

Forgive Us Our Debts
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Main idea: God is a good and holy father who grants forgiveness to his children when they ask with the right heart

  1. Understand your daily need of forgiveness
    • What sin is
    • For the enemy of God
      • What sin does to us
      • What sin requires
    • For the child of God
      • What sin does
  2. Request forgiveness
    • Components of a true confession
    • Meet the conditions of forgiveness


In our daily requests for forgiveness…

  • What returning patterns of sin need to be met with godly sorrow and repentance?
  • What heart disposition do you need to cultivate toward those who won’t or can’t ask forgiveness?
  • What bitterness or pride is keeping you from granting forgiveness to someone who has asked for it?


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