Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread

Luke 11:3

Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread
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Main idea: God is a good and holy Father who loves to answer the prayers of His people for daily provision.

  1. The path: daily dependence on our Father for your needs
    • “Give”
      • God is the source
      • God makes His goodness known to us as He provides
    • “Us”
    • “Each day”
    • “Our necessary (daily) bread”
  2. The detours: anxiety and idolatry
    • Anxiety or fear about daily provision
    • Idolatry of the daily provision (we take it for granted, we are greedy)



  • Depend on God daily in prayer for your needs – He wants the relationship
  • Avoid the detours of anxiety or idolatry through daily dependence and thanksgiving
  • Give thanks to God for His rich provision for our needs
  • Trust Him when there is a not as much provision as you would like
  • Look to God for the ultimate bread of life, Christ, who meets our greatest need!



  • Confess anxiety or ungratefulness
  • Ask God to grow your daily dependence on Him through prayer
  • Spend time thanking God for how He has provided for you both physically and spiritually
  • Praise Him for the promises we have about the future and His provision in the New Heavens and the New Earth!

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