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Psalm 119: The Word of God in the Life of an Exile

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The Bible is God's all-sufficient gift to direct us and bless us as exiles on this earth.

Sermon Notes

Main idea: God’s word is His all-sufficient gift to direct us and bless us as exiles on this earth

1. Prayerfully meditate on God’s all-sufficient word (Introduction)

  • Meditate on God’s word in all the struggles of life
  • Meditate on the profoundly personal relationship God’s word gives
  • Meditate on the totality and beauty of God’s word


2. Prayerfully Obey God’s All-Sufficient Word (Psalm 119:1-8)

  • God’s word is for our blessing
  • God’s word is for our protection
  • God’s word is for our worship

3. Prayerfully Trust God’s Word-made-flesh Jesus Christ (Psalm 119 in the Whole Bible)

Follow-up Questions for Growth-Groups and Families

  • In what ways were your view of 'happiness' (or 'blessed' as Ps. 119:1-2 calls it) changed or challenged?
  • We do not always feel close to God or like we can approach God. What parts of Psalm 119:1-8 do you need to pray through?  What desires do you need to ask God for?
  • One of the chief ways we can respond to God is obedience, particularly in times of suffering and trouble. How do you plan to actively and specifically respond to God in obedience this week? (To narrow your scope, use the prompts in Psalm 119:1-8 to guide your plan. Use these specific goals as ways to trace God's goodness as you follow Him)

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