The Soul At Peace

Psalm 131

The Soul At Peace
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  • Useless attempts at inner peace
  • Reasons for inner turmoil
  • Main Idea: Three pursuits for those who experience inner peace with God
  1. Subdue pride
    • Stop demanding and start…
    • Stop comparing and start…
    • Stop meddling and start…
  2. Choose contentment
    • Lowering the volume of the noisy soul
      • Look to God’s wisdom…
      • Notice God’s loving…
      • Trust his good and righteous…
  3. Hope in the Lord

The prayer of the soul at peace
I am no god, you Lord are the only God and you are in control of…
You have placed me just where you want me for now.
I am not going to try to do what only you can do
I don’t need what you have taken away, I am content with what you give next
I rest in Jesus Christ
I will wait in hope for help and rescue

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