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The Goodness of God's Design

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Human gender and sexuality is part of God's good design. He created gender to reflect his relational nature within the Trinity. He designed sexuality to be a part of his beautiful plan for marriage. We rebel against His design when we try to make gender something we can decide (transgender,) or seek sexual intimacy outside his plan in marriage, or act on same-sex attractions, (same-sex desires.) We all have broken desires, desires that are not good for us, and do not please God, but there is hope in Christ.

In sharing with friends, the Goal is to point them to Christ, not to convince them that we are right about sexuality and gender. Unless someone submits to the Bible as God's Word as their authority they are not likely to change their mind on this issue, so sharing the gospel is the first priority, not changing their mind on this one issue.

Included Question and Answer time Q&A with Dan and Kelli Dionne

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