Praying for the Kingdom

Matthew 6:9-13

Praying for the Kingdom
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Main idea: God is a good and Holy Father who loves to answer the prayers that want His reign to expand

  1. Your Kingdom Come
    • “Your”
    • “Kingdom”
      • The Rule of God over all creation (Universal)
      • The Rule of God over his people (Redemptive)
        • Spiritual
        • Physical
    • A missionary prayer
    • A sanctification prayer
    • A ‘come quickly Lord Jesus’ prayer
  2. Your Will Be Done
    • “Your”
    • “Will be done”
    • “On earth as it is in heaven”
      • God’s Secret Will
      • God’s Revealed Will


Using the Lord’s Prayer

• Issues we lament

• Good we desire

• Obedience from the heart

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